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Huffington Post Profile on Amanda Reyes

We can't help but love every word of this Huffington Post profile of Amanda Reyes, President of the Board of Yellowhammer Fund and now the new Clinic Administrator of West Alabama Women's Center - the clinic the Fund purchased this May. Favorite line? That has to be...

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Yellowhammer Fund at Prism

Very excited to have Yellowhammer Fund's Amanda Reyes quoted in this fantastic article about reproductive justice groups in the South. “We focus on what we can control. We can use our collective resources and networks to make sure people in our community get the care...

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Yellowhammer Fund in The Progressive

Many thanks to The Progressive for showcasing the work The Yellowhammer Fund is putting into making Alabama more equitable for all, through our fund and through our recent purchase of West Alabama Women's Center. We can't wait to add more services and truly become the...

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Yellowhammer Fund is an abortion fund and reproductive justice organization serving Alabama and the surrounding area. For media inquiries please contact Communications Manager Denni Arjona at