Advocate for Change

Recent election cycles have demonstrated that it’s more important than ever to get involved with the political process. It’s time to demand more from our elected officials who WE pay to represent us and our communities! We strongly encourage you to learn more about how to advocate for policy change on local and national levels and you can count on Yellowhammer Fund as a resource for Alabama residents as well as our nationwide supporters who want to take action and make a difference here in our home state and at the federal level. Be on the lookout for action forms and updates from us! We’ll keep you posted!

Current Actions to take to support #ReproductiveJustice now:

Advocacy Updates


Act for human dignity at the border – now! Join us in telling the Department of Justice to defend human dignity and protect families at the Texas Border!

Operation Lone Star is an over $5.1 billion dollar enforcement scheme that targets our immigrant communities for arrest, jail, and deportation. A 1,000 ft. floating border wall and barbed wire traps along the river banks has been erected by Texas Governor Abbott’s administration under Operation Lone Star. A mother suffered a miscarriage while caught in the wire, and other children and families have been lacerated or injured while attempting to cross. Drownings have also increased. Yellowhammer Fund believes every human being is worthy of living safe, healthy, happy lives and of raising their children – free of state sanctioned violence! We join organizations on the Rio Grande Valley border in calling for the immediate protection of families seeking asylum.