Advocate for Change

Recent election cycles have demonstrated that it’s more important than ever to get involved with the political process. It’s time to demand more from our elected officials who WE pay to represent us and our communities! We strongly encourage you to learn more about how to advocate for policy change on local and national levels and you can count on Yellowhammer Fund as a resource for Alabama residents as well as our nationwide supporters who want to take action and make a difference here in our home state and at the federal level. Be on the lookout for action forms and updates from us! We’ll keep you posted!

Current actions 

  • Urge Congress to protect abortion at the federal level!
    • The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) would codify Roe and would ban all state abortion bans permanently!
    • UPDATE ON THE WHPA: The US House voted yes and PASSED the WHPA!!! Now, it goes to the US Senate for a vote. 
    • ***It is important to note that while the US House passed WHPA, this bill will almost certainly die in the US Senate due to the filibuster. We just wanted to put that out there to be realistic about the roadblock that this bill will likely face until the filibuster is ended. It will be impossible to advance reproductive justice unless we can dismantle these barriers to policy change at the state AND federal levels.***
    • Click here to fill out this form to urge your US Senators to pass the WHPA.



Here’s the condensed version of what’s going on with the Texas abortion ban (SB 8) now in effect: nearly ALL abortions past six weeks are banned, and anyone “aiding or abetting” someone getting an abortion can be SUED for a minimum of $10,000 (which could include someone helping with financial or practical support). Under SB 8 there are no exceptions for rape or incest. Click here for a list of actions you can take RIGHT NOW to help Texans and Southerners in need of abortion care.