Advocate for Change

Recent election cycles have demonstrated that it’s more important than ever to get involved with the political process. It’s time to demand more from our elected officials that WE pay to represent us and our communities! We strongly encourage you to learn more about how to advocate for policy change on local and national levels and you can count on Yellowhammer Fund as a resource for Alabama residents who want to take action and make a difference here in our home state. Alabama’s Legislature has already started for 2021, so be on the lookout for action forms from us! We’ll keep you posted!

Current actions 

Take Action Against the Abortion Pill Ban. Tell your Reps to vote NO on HB377.

Protect Pregnant Alabama Workers. Tell your Reps to vote YES on HB352.

Support Transgender Youth. Don’t allow ban on hormonal therapy.

Support your right to protest. Don’t allow lawmakers to make protests a felony.


February 9, 2021
The bill proposing a ban on hormonal therapy prescribed by doctors for transgender youth was reintroduced before the house and senate after not being resolved last session.