Our Programs

Yellowhammer Fund is a reproductive justice organization dedicated to ensuring all people have the ability to decide when and how to build their families, regardless of race, income, location, age, gender, sexuality, disability, documentation status or number of children. As such, we offer the following supports to those in Alabama and the surrounding region:

Reproductive Health Services Assistance and Coordination: Yellowhammer Fund provides information and financial assistance without judgement, stigma or inaccuracies. Assistance includes funding for abortion services or the supports needed in order to access abortion in the Deep South, free Emergency Contraception by mail to those who live in Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle, safer-sex kits and accurate comprehensive sex education materials, pregnancy tests, and referrals for free or low-cost medical services such as STI testing and treatment, well-person exams, prenatal care, post-partum care, contraceptive services including long acting, reversible contraception methods, PrEP, and hormone therapies for trans patients. If you need funding assistance, contact (833) 935-5699. For Emergency Contraception, click here. For any other assistance, contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Material Support and Assistance for Low-Income Families in Need: Yellowhammer Fund is supporting families in need and addressing childhood poverty in the state of Alabama through our Family Justice program, which offers material support to pregnant and parenting people. We have partnered with Margins: Uplifting and Strengthening Black Parents and the Birmingham Free Store in Birmingham and The Knights and Orchids Society (TKO Society) in Huntsville and Selma to ensure that material goods such as diapers, food supplies, schools supplies, sanitary goods, over the counter medications, cleaning supplies, hygiene products and other items are available to families regardless of their location or income level. We believe that all people deserve access to basic necessities in order to remain safe and thrive as a family.