About Us

Yellowhammer Fund is an abortion advocacy and reproductive justice organization dedicated to ensuring that all people can make autonomous decisions about their needs and access necessary resources regardless of race, income, location, age, marriage status, documentation, gender or ability.

Established in Alabama in 2017, we believe in a just and equitable society where each person can make choices free from coercion by the government, financial constraints, familial or partner intervention, or status as a citizen, and will enthusiastically meet the needs of those in marginalized communities most affected by a lack of political and economic power.

Yellowhammer Fund provides advocacy and support for those who need to access reproductive health care services in Alabama.

Our services include:

  • Abortion advocacy
  • Emergency contraception access
  • Referrals to local medical services providing contraception, STI diagnosis and treatment, hormone therapies, prenatal care and other needs with out judgement and without discrimination due to race, gender, income, marriage status, sexual orientation, ability or age.
  • Comprehensive, age appropriate sexual education materials
  • COVID-19 material support for local low-income communities, including hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectants, wipes and other needs, in conjunction with our partner organizations.