Nope, We Aren’t “Celebrating” Roe this Year

The Roe v. Wade decision was handed down 47 years ago today, but if you check our events you’ll see that we aren’t doing anything for it this year. Maybe that surprises you, especially considering this may be the last year this ruling even exists?

It shouldn’t. For many of our clients and those served by other abortion funds, Roe has little reality in their lives. Some are heading to other states for care, some are no doubt seeking non-clinic ways to end a pregnancy, and this has been happening for decades.

Yesterday, our executive director published an new op-ed at Rewire News explaining exactly why we are done celebrating Roe, and why we encourage others to look at the right to abortion through a new lens. As she says,

“Rather than a day of ‘victory,’ January 22 should be a day of reflection for our movement, in which we remember how narrow our political victories are when we do not position the right to a legal abortion as a human right, regardless of a person’s income, zip code, age, race, or immigration status.

We won’t be celebrating Roe – not this year nor the next. We will, however, be honoring the beginning of Black History month with the “March for Our Rights,” centering the needs and experiences of all of our allies in marginalized communities as we work together to create justice for all.


January 22, 2020

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