Amanda Shires Is On Your Side

Amanda Shires wears a fitted jacket that reads "My Body My Choice" on the back

Singer-songwriter and Grammy winning country star Amanda Shires recently teamed up with Yellowhammer Fund for the release of her new single “The Problem”: a heartfelt telling of an abortion story. Shires is generously donating all proceeds from the song and its merchandise to us in an effort to give more pregnant people in the Deep South the opportunity to make their own choices on their terms.

In this exclusive op-ed for Rolling Stone, Shires writes: “My right to a safe abortion can be granted at no cost to the members of my community or my fellow American citizens. My choice does not change their lives. For this reason, I believe it is not the role of the federal or state government to deny us the right to make our own reproductive choices.”

“I hope fans know that I’m on their side and [my husband] Jason is too. I hope that the video reminds folks that some conversations are really hard to have and that supporting the people you care about is important … and being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak.” -Amanda Shires

CMT premiered the music video for “The Problem” last week. Watch it here.

Heidi Miller

November 30, 2020

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