Emergency Ask – We need You to Help Us Get 100 Patients Across State Lines

This is Urgent!


We wouldn’t come to you right now if the situation wasn’t dire, but this is the worst crisis we’ve faced as a fund.

Earlier this month, West Alabama Women’s Center – the state’s largest abortion clinic (yes, OUR clinic) was forced to stop seeing patients due to a COVID-19 exposure. We fully expected the clinic to have a licensed doctor ready by the end of this week.

It turns out, they still can’t open.

There are more than 100 patients who will have to be sent to other clinics, and the Alabama clinics remaining have told us they are all too full. Our only option is to refer them out to other states instead. That means more money, more delays, and more hardship for these people who are pregnant and do not want to be.

It’s the 48th anniversary of Roe, and we are forced to tell people they have to leave their home state in order to access their constitutional right to an abortion. It is heartbreaking, and we don’t want to do it. But at the very least, we need the ability to more fully financially support them because of this governmentally imposed roadblock on their right to choose.

We desperately need $50,000 to help these 100 patientsThat is $500 per patient – our usual $250 financial support, a hotel room, gas, food, and childcare for those who require it. And we need it now.
This is what abortion access looks like with Roe intact. And it’s a disturbing preview of what it will be like if they do overturn it and make abortion illegal in this state. You supported us because you said you wouldn’t let this happen to the pregnant people in Alabama. Now is the time when we need you the most.

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Heidi Miller

January 22, 2021

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