Mission, Vision, and Values

Yellowhammer seeks to meet the needs of those living in or traveling to Alabama for reproductive healthcare needs, providing financial and practical support for those who are pregnant and require assistance. The Yellowhammer Fund believes that people who are pregnant are the best positioned to know how they prefer to be supported and endorse the belief that meeting pregnant people where they are in their lives and putting them directly in control of their decisions empowers them, their families and their communities.

Yellowhammer believes that providing financial support to marginalized communities is an act of justice and dignity. As such, we center our work around the pregnant person seeking assistance in whatever form that takes. Yellowhammer seeks to minimize the gatekeeping required to ensure pregnant people seeking assistance get their needs met.

We believe that pregnancy is not an act that occurs in a vacuum, and that it may be necessary to look beyond simply funding a person’s reproductive health care needs in order to address reproductive inequities in our society.

Yellowhammer believes that barriers to accessing an abortion are unnecessary and seeks to tear down all hurdles that can delay or even prohibit a pregnant person from seeking care. We believe that these barriers extend beyond politically motivated restrictions like gestational bans, waiting periods and clinic closures and can include lesser known barriers at clinics themselves.

Yellowhammer is a reproductive justice organization. For more information on what that means, click here.